Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Essential Of Cyber Security Courses In India

Cyber security course in India are in demand. This is because Indian economy is relying more and more upon information technology (IT) these days. Whether it is essential electronic services delivery in India, e-governance, cyber law or governmental services, cyber security of the service providing infrastructure is a must.

India has been focusing upon skill development these days. Although cyber skills development in India is yet to pick pace yet sooner or later it would be a much needed demand in India.

Further, with the growing interaction of IT and law, techno legal issues have also emerged. Neither technical nor legal expertise is enough these day. The expertise must be both technical and legal, i.e. techno legal expertise.

A good cyber security course must have an optimum combination of theoretical and practical research and training. The focus must be more on the side of practical training but clarity of theoretical concepts is also essential.

Further, cyber security courses must also consider both defensive and offensive aspects of cyber security. Keep in mind that no course of the world can train you absolutely for cyber security and it is only your hard work and experience that counts.

At Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) we understand the importance of these considerations. We are the exclusive techno legal cyber security research, training and education provider of India. Our motto is to reach maximum possible professionals and to achieve this task we have launched various techno legal course through e-learning and online education mode.

For offline mode we are in talks with various national and international partners and organisations and would come up with the updates very soon. Meanwhile, if you or your organisation is interested in having an association, collaboration or partnership with us, kindly contact us with your proposals and terms and conditions.

For professionals and students who wish to enroll for our techno legal cyber security courses, kindly fill in the application form with prescribed fees. For getting an idea of our techno legal course, kindly visit our Skills Development Blog and Online Learning Platform.

Special arrangement has been made for training of government employees and executive of companies. Further, faculty development programs for universities and educational institutions and training at the premises of companies and government departments can also be arranged on mutually agreed terms and conditions. If you are interested in continuing legal education or legal lifelong learning we can also assist you in this regard. We hope you would find this information useful and we always look forward to assist you in excelling in your techno legal career.

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