Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cyber Forensics Training In India

Cyber forensics in India is one area that requires lots of attention from all stakeholders. Cyber forensics or computer forensics has not yet become popular in India in the absence of sufficient and qualitative cyber forensics training and education institutions in India.

Computer forensics training in India and computer forensics courses in India are still rare. At Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) we provide the exclusive techno legal cyber forensics training in India.

Cyber forensics trainings are required to be undertaken by police officers, public prosecutors, lawyers, judges, etc in India. Initially, the basic level cyber forensics training is enough that can subsequently be enhanced to more specialised training.

PTLB provides basic level techno legal trainings and education and Perry4Law Techno Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC) takes care of the highly specialised and domain specific techno legal trainings of Perry4Law in India and worldwide.

The basic level course covers areas like internet protocol address tracking (IP tracing), e-mail tracing, data recovery, process evaluation, digital evidencing, evidentiary issues, etc.

The PTLB e-learning platform of the techno legal e-learning courses of PTLB is available to have an idea about the basic level techno legal courses of PTLB (PDF).

Since this initiative of PTLB is an online initiative, students and professionals from any part of the world can get themselves enrolled. The application form (Doc) for getting enrolled to various courses of PTLB is also available online.

We hope the cyber forensics training courses of PTLB would be beneficial for all concerned.

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