Monday, September 26, 2011

Cyber Crimes Investigation Training In India

Modernisation of police force of India requires not only basic knowledge of information and communication technology (ICT) but also practical trainings in the areas like cyber law, cyber crimes investigation, cyber forensics, etc.

Cyber crimes investigation capabilities in India are not up to the standards. Law enforcement agencies of India need to develop good techno legal cyber skills to improve their investigative capabilities.

Police must also ensure cyber law skills development. Similarly, police in India also need to undertake cyber frauds detection trainings so that cyber frauds can be anticipated even before they are committed.

Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) is providing many techno legal courses and trainings for police force of India. These include cyber crime investigation trainings, cyber forensics trainings, cyber security trainings, cyber fraud detection trainings, etc.

Techno legal e-learning in India by PTLB also provides many more courses and trainings. These are basic level techno legal courses that have been specially customised to the requirements of Indian police.

With increasing cyber crimes, Indian police need to develop sufficient capabilities so that cyber crimes can be punished adequately in India. Presently, most of the police stations and police officers find it difficult to deal with cyber law and cyber crimes related cases.

We need a trained cyber police force in India. The present cyber crimes police cells of India are not competent enough to deal with growing cyber crimes in India. Law enforcement in India needs to have techno legal trainings to deal with these cyber crimes. Further, police also need to undergo courses in cyber crimes investigation in India so that they can sharpen their cyber skills.

With more and more stress upon modernisation of police force in India and developing their cyber capabilities, these issues of lack of cyber skills would be resolved very soon.

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