Friday, October 14, 2011

PhDs In India Are Dying

Kapil Sibal and Salman Khurshid are two of the most Important and Learned Politicians of India. If we have to take care of the “Deteriorating Conditions” of Higher Legal Research and Education in India, their “active participation and continuous attention” is a must.

While Kapil Sibal has been working hard in the field of Higher Education Cooperation with United States and other Countries, yet in our own Nation Higher Education Standards are not upto the mark and are prone to various “Corrupt Practices” and “Arbitrary Decision Making”.

Recently, I sent E-Mails to both Kapil Sibal and Salman Khurshid and brought to their notice the deteriorating conditions of Higher Legal Education in India. This is the excerpts/relevant portion of the same.

“I hope this E-Mail would find you in the best your Health and Strength.

Although I can wish a Good Health for You but I am afraid I cannot expect the same from our Dying Educational System, especially our Legal Educational System. I am personally acquainted of this decaying of our Legal Education in India.

Higher Legal Education is a must for Country like India. Being a Pioneer in Legal Fraternity and then as a Productive and Useful Member of Parliament, You are Yourself aware of the importance of Legal Education in India. However, Higher Legal Education in India is in “Doldrums”.

Corruption and Lack of Transparency has eaten up the Good Legal Standards and quality that was once a “Benchmark” of our Legal Education. Whether it is the “Funds” for PhD Candidates or other Financial and Non Financial Facilities, Legal Researchers are finding it really difficult to do PhD except by “Compromising” with Moral and Ethical Standards.

A person like Me, who believes in Transparency and Lack of Corruption, is seldom satisfied with the Legal Education of India. While I would prefer a Foreign University to do my PhD due to these “Irregularities” yet I hope You would not allow this “Negative Precedent” to repeat in the future. I hope You can do a “Great Service” to this Nation by eliminating the “Factors” that are responsible for the deaths of PhD in India”.

If PhD is a “Breeding Ground” for Corrupt Practices and Irregularities, there is no scope for Higher Legal Education in India. I hope the two Learned Ministers would take an immediate and urgent note of this “Precarious Situation”.

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