Saturday, December 31, 2011

Higher Education In India Needs Reforms

The present administrative and regulatory framework for education in India has served it purpose and we need to amend and modify the same. The existing legal frameworks, administrative authorities and educational system of India are based upon archaic notions and parameters. Time has come to give them a new and modern shape and orientation.

The present educational system of India is academic and theoretical in nature. Further, it is also suffering from various evils like corruption, lack of transparency, monopolistic tendencies, lack of accountability, etc. This has resulted in the creation of a poor, untrained and unsuitable workforce in India. Educated students are not getting jobs in governmental sector and private companies of India.

Since there is little or no accountability and transparency, educational institutions of India are least bothered to mend their ways in this regard. They are still managing things and affairs as per their own personal requirements. Unfortunately, the proposed legal frameworks meant to bring educational reforms and quality in Indian education sector have failed to take a start and many important bills are still bills alone with no legal significance.

The only solace has come in the form of information and communication technology (ICT) that has been able to make its own mark in India despite unfavourable business conditions and unreasonable educational laws of India. Virtual campuses in India may be a reality very soon the way online education in India and e-learning in India are taking a shape. Even a national online examination system in India has been proposed.

Higher education in India needs urgent reforms and the call must come from the Indian government itself. For too long we have been sitting upon higher education reforms in India and it is high time to do something serious in this regard.

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