Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ethical Hacking Training Institutes In India

The tussle between black hat and white hat hackers has been going on for long. The main focus of white hat community is to defend against cyber crimes and cyber attacks committed by black hat hackers and cyber criminals.

Of late, India has acknowledged the need for a white hat hacking community that can defend Indian cyberspace from external cyber attacks. The ethical hacking community has emerged from this need to protect a country’s cyberspace.

There are very few ethical hacking training providers in India. Further, ethical hacking training must have some core principles that must be kept in mind while imparting the same. Similarly cyber security courses in India must also have certain core essential principles that must be integrated into the course contents.

Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) is the exclusive techno legal ethical hacking trainings and course provider in India. PTLB e-learning platform is providing many techno legal e-learning courses in India. This includes ethical hacking training and courses as well. Further, PTLB is also managing the exclusive techno legal ethical hacking software and tools repository of India.

Ethical hacking trainings and courses in India must be developed so that we may have a cyber skilled workforce that can thwart the cyber attacks against India. Ethical hacking skills development in India is also required so that ethical hackers of India can match the expertise of their counterparts in other countries.

Presently, black hat hackers and cyber criminals are winning the war against white hat hackers. Even the national governments are finding themselves in tight spots and helpless while dealing with such sophisticated cyber criminals. The only option seems to be to ensure cyber skills development in India.

Further, Indian defense and offense against cyber warfare has to be developed. The task is not easy and government alone cannot achieve this task. Public private partnerships (PPP) on cyber security in India must be given more importance in India. Presently, PPP in India in the field of cyber security is in infancy stage.

Similarly, there are little international cooperation between India and foreign players regarding cyber security. International cyber security cooperation is needed to deal with multiple jurisdiction cyber crimes and cyber attacks. At PTLB we keep in mind all these aspects while imparting ethical hacking trainings and courses.

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