Thursday, January 5, 2012

Computer Forensics Exams And Courses In India

Computer forensics is a process through which electronic evidence is acquired, processed and presented before the courts for taking proper action. Computer forensics is a complicated process that requires good working knowledge of both technology and law.

Computer forensics is a good career option as it has tremendous demand world over. Computer forensics professionals are required at companies, legal firms, law enforcement offices, courts, etc. However, computer forensics is highly specialised field and mere theoretical knowledge would not bring much benefits.

Computer forensics in India is now considered as an essential part of financial frauds investigations and civil and criminal cases. Computer forensics is also supplemented with e-discovery in India and digital evidencing in India. Although the scope of computer forensics courses in India is good yet there are very few computer forensics training institutions in India.

Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) is the exclusive techno legal cyber forensics training institution of India. PTLB e-learning platform is providing various computer forensics trainings in India. The computer forensics trainings in India by PTLB are specifically designed to provide best practical trainings and education. PTLB also provides e-discovery trainings for social media websites. The scope for social media websites investigation in India is tremendous and it is a good option to further strengthen techno legal skills.

Computer forensics training and education institutions in India need to ensure that practical aspects of computer forensics are taught. Technical education and skills development must be their main emphasis. Realising this requirement, PTLB has launched an online computer forensics training centre in India that manages various techno legal aspects of computer forensics. Further, online cyber law education in India is also managed by PTLB.

Further, PTLB also helps in preparation of various computer forensics examinations and courses in India and abroad. The e-learning platform of PTLB helps students and professionals in clearing their examinations and educational courses. We hope this would help all the stakeholders who are interested in the growth and development of computer forensics in India.

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