Friday, February 17, 2012

Online Legal Courses In India

Legal education in India is trying to match the contemporary standards and fields of practice. Traditionally, areas like civil law, criminal law, etc were more preferred by lawyers. However, now young lawyers prefer new fields like cyber law, intellectual property rights (IPRs), etc.

Higher education in India needs reforms. This is more so regarding higher legal education in India that is suffering from excessive bureaucracy and corrupt practices. So the present circumstances warrant that higher education in India in general and higher legal education in India in particular needs urgent reforms.

Technology should be used as far as possible to streamline legal education in India. Legal e-learning in India and e-learning for lawyers in India must be encouraged. Techno legal skills developments in India are also required to be inculcated among legal fraternity.

We have to stress upon legal lifelong learning in India. Presently, continuing legal education (CLE) in India is missing and almost no emphasis is given to professional continuing legal education (CLE) in India.

Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) has been managing various techno legal courses and trainings in India. PTLB provides online legal courses in India, online cyber law education in India, online cyber forensics courses in India, online cyber security courses in India, online ethical hacking courses in India, etc. The same is managed by the techno legal e-learning platform of PTLB.

PTLB is also providing various techno legal online legal courses in India, lawyers training in India, legal awareness training in India, etc. PTLB is also one of the premier techno legal lawyers training institute in India.

Interested legal professionals and other professionals can enroll to the techno legal courses of PLTB by filling the “application form” provided by PTLB and sending the same to the address mentioned at the form along with “prescribe fees”.

To get more idea about the courses and trainings of PTLB and the scope, nature, duration, fees, etc, of such courses, see FAQs before applying and sending the application form and fees.

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